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Here we go again! Media hypes alleged ‘Hottest year’ declarations as 2018 cools, slips to 4th ‘warmest’ – Book excerpt

Another year, another claim of “hottest” or “warmest years.” So-called “Hottest year” claims are purely political statements designed to persuade the public that the government needs to take action on man-made climate change. Once again, the media and others are hyping temperature changes year-to-year so small as to be within the margin of error. Such temperature claims […]

Trump labeled climate ‘arsonist’ – Naomi Klein proposes new name for skeptics: ‘Don’t call them deniers, they are arsonists’ – Depot Responds

Climate activist Naomi Klein, wrote the day after President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address: “People claim Trump said not one word about climate change but that’s false. He celebrated the US being the world’s “No. 1″ oil and gas producer. And the house cheered – they cheered for the knowing destabilization of the […]

Head Of International Ski Federation dismisses ‘so-called climate change’ – ‘There is no proof for it…Everybody who came to me shivering I welcomed with: Welcome to global warming’

UPDATE: Ski Chief Urged to Quit Over Skeptical Climate Comment # Via: In an interview with Tages Anzeiger ahead of the alpine world championships, Gian Franco-Kasper, the president of the International Ski Federation, forwarded some opinions about climate change… … Kasper does not believe in the science around climate change: Kasper: “All the discussions […]

COAL – THE MORAL CHOICE! INDIA OPENS 52 NEW COAL MINES TO ACHIEVE UNIVERSAL ELECTRIFICATION Times of India & Press Trust of India NEW DELHI: The Narendra Modi government has opened 52 new coal mines since coming to power in May 2014 to fuel its flagship village and household electrification programmes without tripping the system, officials told TOI. These 52 mines represent 86% growth over the number of mines added […]

Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry to Congress: ‘Man-made climate change is not an existential threat on the time’ – ‘The cure could be worse than the disease’ Hearing – Climate Change: The Impacts and the Need to Act Posted on February 6, 2019 by curryja  by Judith Curry The House Natural Resources Committee Hearing on Climate Change will be livestreamed on their Facebook page. Here is the link to the Hearing page [link], I have no idea if they will post the other written testimonies. My written […]

AL GORE HAMMERS TRUMP FOR NOT MENTIONING GREEN ENERGY ‘REVOLUTION’ IN SOTU By MICHAEL BASTASCH Former Vice President and climate crusader Al Gore criticized President Donald Trump for touting booming oil and natural gas production during his State of the Union address Tuesday night. “The President doesn’t get it,” Gore tweeted, hammering Trump for not mentioning the “outdated oil and natural gas projects” instead of the […]

CNN’s John King: Trump is a ‘disgrace’ for omitting ‘climate change’ from SOTU address – ‘Every leader, whatever his party should be talking about climate change’ By Joseph A. Wulfsohn CNN national correspondent John King ripped President Donald Trump for not mentioning climate change in his second State of the Union address. SEE DEMOCRAT STACEY ABRAMS’ STATE OF THE UNION RESPONSE King began by praising defeated Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, declaring she had the “best response” he can recall either Republican or Democrat giving and how she […]