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Head Of International Ski Federation dismisses ‘so-called climate change’ – ‘There is no proof for it…Everybody who came to me shivering I welcomed with: Welcome to global warming’

UPDATE: Ski Chief Urged to Quit Over Skeptical Climate Comment



In an interview with Tages Anzeiger ahead of the alpine world championships, Gian Franco-Kasper, the president of the International Ski Federation, forwarded some opinions about climate change…

Kasper does not believe in the science around climate change:

Kasper: “All the discussions about artificial snow and wasting of water, they never stop. Not a single drip of water is lost. Ok. The energy needed to create artificial snow, that’s a different thing, but considering waste of water: if you sprinkle your garden the water does not disappear out of a sudden. And that is supposedly the argument against winter sports? And then there still is the so called climate change.”

When the reporter questioned him about him characterizing climate change as “so-called,” Kasper replied…

“There is no proof for it. We have snow, in part even a lot of it,” he said. “I was in Pyeongchang for the Olympiad. We had minus 35 degrees C. Everybody who came to me shivering I welcomed with: welcome to global warming.”