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ENVIROS LAUNCH CAMPAIGN AGAINST TRUMP’S PICK WHEELER TO REPLACE SCOTT PRUITT AT EPA BY MICHAEL BASTASCH Environmentalists kicked off the new year with a campaign to derail the nomination of Andrew Wheeler, President Donald Trump’s pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). “Make no mistake — to protect our health, planet, economy, and national security we must #StopWheeler from being permanently confirmed as @EPA administrator,” the Sierra […]

‘How do you F*CKING SLEEP AT NIGHT!?’ Warmists attack Morano for accurately promoting fossil fuel development – Called racist, ‘welfare queen’, ‘nitwit’ – ‘treason’

Warmists are freaking out at me for this factual statement. Marc Morano on Fox & Friends – January 3, 2019: Morano: “Everyone’s for energy efficiency for a clean environment. Oddly, the more carbon-based fuels you can introduce in the developing world — Africa, South America, Asia — the cleaner the environment gets. You have less people burning […]

CFACT’s media saturation bombing of UN climate summit in Poland By David Wojick|January 4th, 2019|Climate|1 Comment CFACT’s intense coverage of the COP 24 UN climate summit in Katowice, Poland was by far the most extensive of any I have seen and I have seen a lot. (Disclosure: this includes my articles, but there were may others as well.) The sidebar on the French protests against […]

Claim: The Anthropogenic Global Warming Jellyfish Apocalypse is Upon Us Guest essay by Eric Worrall Journalists and several scientists who noticed a few recent jellyfish blooms have leapt to their catch all explanation. Jellyfish are causing mayhem as pollution, climate change see numbers boom RN By Hong Jiang and Sasha Fegan for Late Night Live Updated yesterday at 12:16pm Jellyfish have been around for […]

Green Raw Deal: 5 Things Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t want you to know about the Green New Deal By Justin Haskins | Fox News Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y, the self-described democratic socialist who has become a media sensation, is pushing for enactment of a radical plan called the Green New Deal that would ban the use of all fossil fuels from U.S. electricity generation, agriculture and manufacturing by 2030. The Green New […]

Good News! Partial Government Shutdown Hampering ‘Climate Efforts’ – Travel by scientists with NASA, NOAA & EPA impacted By Mark K. Matthews, E&E News on January 4, 2019 The government shutdown might only be a partial one, but not when it comes to federal climate efforts. Among the dozens of agencies and departments shuttered by the shutdown—now in its 14th day—are several shops that spearhead the government’s response to global warming, notably […]

Climate – ‘the religion of choice for urban atheists’ – Green movement’s apocalyptic & authoritarian approach’ akin to ‘feudal clerics’ AS THE OLD FAITHS COLLAPSE, THE GREENS, SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS, AND TECHNO-FUTURISTS AIM TO FILL THE VOID By Joel Kotkin & Alicia Kurimska, The Daily Beast They may see themselves as avant-garde, but the greens have perhaps more in common with feudal clerics than they might suspect. Nothing so resembles the bad old days […]

The benefits keep coming! Will Earth survive?! 700 federal scientists forced to miss climate conference junket during government shutdown

Via Associated Press: Associated Press: Hundreds of government scientists are also no longer allowed to attend the conference or two other major scientific gatherings scheduled to begin this week. Those meetings will address pressing issues in the fields of technology, space exploration, extreme weather and climate change. But the shutdown’s impact on science stretches well beyond the […]