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Environmental groups criticise ‘morally unacceptable’ climate deal at Poland summit Excerpt: Diplomats from around the world have agreed a major climate deal after two weeks of UN talks in Poland. But climate campaigners warned the deal – effectively a set of rules for how to govern the 2015 Paris climate accord – agreed between almost 200 countries lacked ambition or a clear promise of enhanced climate […]

Cheers! The smell of failure permeates the UN climate talks! Negotiators strike a deal at global climate talks, but ‘agreement fell well short of the breakthrough’ needed By Brady Dennis , Griff Witte and Chris Mooney December 15 at 4:38 PM KATOWICE, Poland — Weary climate negotiators limped across the finish line Saturday night after days of round-the-clock talks, striking a deal that keeps the world moving forward with plans to curb carbon emissions. But the agreement fell well short of the breakthrough that […]

UN climate talks extended due to sticking points Thousands of delegates worked well past the official deadline for reaching a deal but key sticking points remain. Rows continue over the issue of paying poorer countries for damage caused by global warming and the use of carbon markets to reduce emissions. The likelihood of a deal increased on Friday after a new text […]

Oh No, not again! CNN headline: US undermining ‘last chance’ climate talks — But every climate summit is hailed as the ‘last chance!’

Here we go again. Another year, another UN climate summit and another claim that this years climate summit is our “last chance” to save the world from “global warming.” CNN: US undermining ‘last chance’ at Poland climate talks, experts charge – Excerpt: Greta Thunberg, a 15-year-old activist from Stockholm, Sweden. She was among those who disrupted […]

We are doomed! ‘Climate summit appears to fall short’ – ‘Many acknowledge world’s best efforts would not nearly match urgency of problem’ BY GRIFF WITTE AND BRADY DENNISTHE WASHINGTON POST KATOWICE, Poland —Negotiators from nearly 200 nations drew close to a deal Friday that would nudge the world toward stronger targets for reducing emissions and enshrine a clearer set of rules for how to get there. But even amid the glimmers of progress at this […]

COP 24: All aboard the UN climate gravy train – ‘Who can resist a slice of the trillion dollar climate finance pie?’ By David Wojick|December 14th, 2018| The UN climate summit in Katowice, Poland features a grand sideshow, with all sorts of groups making presentations to whoever shows up. Some countries and groups even have permanent pavilions. A lot of these shows are put on by what might be termed “fellow travelers.” These are groups with no […]

COP 24 UN climate summit: Good news and bad: Bad = climate ‘train has left the station…will not be stopped’ – Good = U.S. has president Trump COP 24: Good news and bad By Pat Carlson|December 15th, 2018|Climate|1 Comment What is it about human nature that makes us more willing to believe the worst news rather than the best news? During the second week of the latest international climate change conference being held in Katowice, Poland COP24, two groups showed up with […]

Watch: Morano at UN summit in Poland: France’s Macron is the face of the carbon tax failure On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Marc Morano of joined me from the UN Global Warming Conference in Poland to discuss what he’s hearing from delegates about the anti-carbon tax Yellow Vest protests in France. Marc explained how the Yellow Vest protests have cast “darkness” on the conference, where delegates are beginning to realize people are turning against […]

UN Bans Journalist From Climate Summit at Request of Canada’s Trudeau Regime

KATOWICE–The United Nations banned journalist Sheila Gunn Reid of The Rebel Media from the UN COP24 “Climate Change” Conference in response to a request from the government of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In this interview with The New American magazine from outside the UN confab, the journalist gives us the background on how it […]