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“There are no climate deniers that live in South Florida’ claims fmr. Clinton official Donna Shalala – She spouts climate change kookery By David Whitley – Orlando Sentinel Did you know that when it comes to climate change, everybody south of Orlando thinks like Al Gore? Donna Shalala delivered that surprising bit of news this week in a speech, according to the Miami Herald. She is running for Florida’s 27th congressional district seat, and one of her campaign platforms is that Miami […]

100 Percent Renewable Energy—Poor Policy for Electricity Rate Payers

Special to Climate Depot 100 Percent Renewable Energy—Poor Policy for Electricity Rate Payers By Steve Goreham Originally published in Master Resource. Two states and more than 80 cities and counties have now announced a goal of receiving 100 percent of their electricity from renewable sources. Wind, solar, and biofuels are proposed to replace electricity from coal, […]

UK warns plastic becoming too expensive to recycle – ‘Homeowners’ efforts to sort through their waste may be futile’ Plastic becoming too expensive to recycle, councils say, as giant waste mountain is discovered By Katie Morley & Yohannes Lowe 20 OCTOBER 2018 • 12:01AM Plastic is becoming too expensive to recycle, councils across Britain will warn on Saturday, raising fears that homeowners’ efforts to sort through their waste may be futile. The warning by […]

Cheers! TRUMP’S EPA MAY HAVE SHUT DOWN ITS ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ WEBSITE FOR GOOD BY ALEXANDRA HUTZLER ON 11/2/18 AT 10:59 AM The Environmental Protection Agency has stopped updating its websites with climate change information, instead leaving site visitors with error messages and blank pages. In April 2017, three months after noted climate-change skeptic Donald Trump took office, the EPA removed its climate change subdomains from public access. Overall, at least 80 […]

New Study: GLOBAL MORTALITY FROM STORM SURGES IS DECREASING By Laurens M Bouwer and Sebastiaan N Jonkman, Environmental Research Letters A study published in Environmental Research Letters shows that there has been a global decrease in fatalities from storm surge events. Improved forecasting methods, better early warning systems, effective evacuation schemes, as well as coastal protection, risk-zoning and land-use planning have contributed to the declining number […]

Yet another new study finds global Medieval Warm Period: S. America and N. Hemisphere medieval warming ‘occurred largely synchronous, probably reaching comparable intensities’ Quaternary International The Medieval Climate Anomaly in South America Author links open overlay panelSebastianLüningaMariuszGałkabFlorencia PaulaBamontecFelipe GarcíaRodríguezd1FritzVahrenholte Show more rights and content Abstract The Medieval Climate Anomaly (MCA) is a climatic perturbation with a core period of 1000-1200 AD that is well-recognized in the Northern Hemisphere (NH). Its existence in the Southern Hemisphere (SH) […]

Alex Epstein: Is a carbon tax good for human flourishing? By Alex Epstein Is a carbon tax good for human flourishing? This year I’ve had a couple discussions with Republicans considering supporting a carbon tax. Here’s how I’ve been breaking down the issue. Let me know what you think. 1: Pro-flourishing policy requires recognizing the fundamental importance of minimizing energy prices My goal in […]

New Study boasts: ‘the data, analytic methods, & study materials will not be made available to other researchers’ Anthony Watts / 2 weeks ago October 19, 2018 From the website: “Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science” by Andrew Gelman. h/t to Willie Soon So the NYT yesterday has a story about this study I am directed to it and am immediately concerned about all the things that make this study somewhat dubious. Forking paths in the definition of […]