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“There are no climate deniers that live in South Florida’ claims fmr. Clinton official Donna Shalala – She spouts climate change kookery

By David Whitley – Orlando Sentinel

Did you know that when it comes to climate change, everybody south of Orlando thinks like Al Gore?

Donna Shalala delivered that surprising bit of news this week in a speech, according to the Miami Herald. She is running for Florida’s 27th congressional district seat, and one of her campaign platforms is that Miami is going to turn into Atlantis if a certain unsavory group gets its way.

“There are no climate deniers that live in South Florida,” Shalala said. “For us, sea-level rise is a life-or-death issue.”

Ah, the dreaded D word.

In the politicized weather world, questioning climate change is tantamount to questioning the real big D in history – Holocaust denier.

You are a meteorological neo-Nazi if you don’t believe that all Earth’s warming over the past century was caused by humans. Even if you grant that the climate has changed, you are “anti-science” if you say it’s not all man’s fault.

I can’t speak for all 5 million people in the Miami area, but there must be at least one or two who qualify as deniers. They might even join the pejorative parade and call someone a kook for believing everything Leonardo DiCaprio says about the weather.

Climate science is very technical. If you can’t readily discuss Pacific Decadal Oscillation, you should rely on the experts.

And the truth is there’s a perpetual debate in the scientific community on rising temperatures, what’s causing them and how much of a threat they are.

You wouldn’t know that from the Shalalas of the world who insist climate change is “settled science.” Or from the headlines every time the United Nations comes out with another doomsday report.

The latest blast from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) came two weeks ago. It basically said we have 12 years to avoid catastrophe.

Cue Mr. Gore.

“Time is running out!” he shrieked.

Of course, he won an Oscar for proclaiming time would run out two years ago.

In 2006’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” he warned that ice caps would melt, forests would disappear, super-hurricanes would spawn, polar bears would become extinct, coasts would flood and Hillary Clinton would be elected president by 2016.

The he spent the next 10 years leaving a massive carbon footprint all over globe in private jets while cashing in on the hysteria he helped create.

It’s the same hysteria that had everybody fearing a climate apocalypse in the 1970s. Only then we were all panicked over global cooling and how tourists would need parkas in July to visit Disney World.

Gore is again calling for radically transforming “all aspects of society.” No cars, planes, boat, power plants or anything that emits carbon.

Welcome to 1850!

The coming Armageddon is all based on computer models many experts discount.

“Same old, same old,” former Georgia Tech atmospheric science professor Judith A. Curry wrote on Climate Etc. blog.

I’m no atmospheric scientist, but I’ve done enough research to know you can find one to back up any opinion you want on climate change.

I’ve also discovered that the earth’s tree canopy expanded 865,000 square miles between 1982 and 2016, and that the polar bear population is actually increasing, and the IPCC said in 2013 it had “low confidence” that increased hurricane activity was due to global warming.

It would seem there’s enough out there to at least warrant a good-faith debate before we start banning the internal combustion engine. Just don’t say that in South Florida.