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Watch: Geologist Gregory Wrightstone: Recent temperature history puts the lie to CO2 driven warming

Rough transcript:

a review of the recent temperature
history dating back 100 years or more is
not necessarily supportive of the notion
that human caused carbon dioxide
increases are the primary driver of
temperature changes over the last
century before we take a look at
temperatures we need to understand when
the co2 increases occurred this is a
chart of human co2 emissions dating back
to the year 1750 1 and we see that no
significant emissions began until the
mid 20th century during the post-world
War two economic boom if co2 driven
temperatures were to have a significant
impact on temperatures then it would be
in this post-world War two period when
it should have occurred this is the most
widely used and recognized chart of
surface temperatures and it begins in
1850 looking at just the 20th century in
early 21st century we sees temperatures
have generally been rising but it’s in
fits and starts because of the ramping
up of co2 and emission from 1945 on
we’ll concentrate in this video on that
time period and we find that for nearly
70 percent of that time temperatures
were either decreasing or stable if co2
increases were driving warming shouldn’t
those numbers be flipped with at least
70 percent of the time being in a
warming trend period from 1944 to 1979
are particularly enlightening this was a
33 year period of falling temperatures
yet carbon dioxide was being added to
the atmosphere and Ernest there was
enough of a decline that many in the
academic community were seriously
considering the possibility of us
entering into the next ice age the most
recent co2 temperature quandary is a
period of at least 18 years of flat
temperatures this has been called the
pause in fact in their latest report the
IPCC agreed that there have been no
statistically significant increase in
global surface temperature from 1998 to
2012 so what has occurred
temperature-wise since 2014 the years
2015 and 2016 saw a significant spike of
rising temperatures most observers
Tribute the spike not the global warming
but rather to a warm ocean phase of the
Pacific known as the El Nino and it was
one of the largest on record since that
warm spike temperatures have fallen
dramatically back to the numbers of the
inconvenient pause so what can we expect
as we look forward into the next several
decades or even a century in terms of
temperature if you’re asking me the
answer is I don’t know we can look over
the last 10,000 years of climate history
and see that there were several other
warming periods very similar to the one
we’re in right now all of which ended
with higher temperatures than we have
today other scientists that I respect
closely linked solar activity to
temperature that we’ve seen over the
last several centuries and they are
predicting a significant cooling event
coming up in just a few years those
confidently predicting a significant
rise in temperature due to our increased
co2 couldn’t have predicted the 33 year
decrease in temperatures in the mid 20th
century and they sure as heck didn’t
predict the now twenty three year period
of stable temperatures that we’re seeing
today if they couldn’t predict these why
should we believe what they’re telling
us now