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Climatologist debunks the NY Times’ fake temperature claims for cities in U.S. By Larry Kummer, Editor Science & Nature 19 September 2018 Summary: The NY Times gives a story with bold numbers, confidently stated. Too bad their fact-checkers did not notice that their numbers are grossly misleading. Propaganda pretending to be science. This does not help, even if well-intended. The State Climatologist of Alabama tells the […]

Democrats struggle to make voters care about climate – UN Clexit still not given climate more urgency in the midterms By DAVID SIDERS 09/14/2018 01:32 PM EDT California Gov. Jerry Brown signed 16 new laws aimed at easing global warming Thursday in San Francisco at the Global Action Climate Summit. | AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli SAN FRANCISCO — As leading Democrats rallied around efforts to address climate change at a major summit here this week, upbraiding […]