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Probably coincidence, but has this been studied? There are many sources for salmonella food poison, including mixing food ingredients such as raw chicken or even salad, but the first two bag-ban states top this survey of food poisoning rates in 2013.


Health Canada warns shoppers:

  • If you use reusable grocery bags or bins, make sure to use a specific bag or bin for raw poultry. Label the bag or bin with the type of food it carries.
  • Wash your reusable grocery bags frequently, especially if you are carrying raw poultry.


Northern Territory environmental groups have claimed the Government’s legislation banning plastic bags has failed in its intent to reduce unwanted litter.

Laws prohibiting single-use plastic bags less than 35 microns in thickness was introduced to the Territory in September 2011.

But Heimo Schober, chief executive of the Keep Australia Beautiful Council NT, told ABC Radio Darwin that litter surveys had revealed plastic bag litter had increased in the past five years