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Professor Slams The ‘Ethically Questionable Persuasion Tactics’ Of The ‘Believers’ Who Market AGW By Kenneth Richard on 2. July 2018 In a new paper published in the Journal of Social Marketing, Dr. Erik L. Olson spotlights the “Fakegate” scandal as a salient example of the unethical and deceptive practices used by those who promote dangerous anthropogenic global warming (AGW) — a“difficult-to-sell” cause. It is suggested that the ethically questionable tactics employed […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Mocks President Trump’s Support for Coal By Eric Worrall Schwarzenegger being forced to drive a gas guzzling Hummer by “big oil”. Does this make him an accessory to first degree murder? Guest essay by Eric Worrall Humvee fan Arnold Schwarzenegger demonstrating his profound ignorance of climate issues. Arnold Schwarzenegger mocks Trump on coal, asks if he’ll bring back Blockbuster next […]

Coal, a dying industry, just became Australia’s number one export (again) By Jo Nova Coal is a dying industry, but luckily for the Australian economy, the rest of the world is not as smart as The Australian Greens and Labor Party and they are still buying it. Coal is set to regain its spot as the nation’s biggest export earner amid higher prices and surging […]

Summer Arctic Ice Remains Stubborn As Volume Grows And North Atlantic Cools By P Gosselin on 30. June 2018 The following Arctic sea ice area chart from the Bremerhaven-based Alfred-Wegener Institute shows a current sea ice area that is about 1 million square kilometers below the mean. Chart: Alfred Wegener Institute, University of Bremen. But don’t let the lower than normal sea ice area fool you into thinking the ice […]

Study: Climate predictions should include impacts of CO2 on life

From the University of Exeter and the “we’re going to need a bigger computer model” department. Climate predictions should include impacts of CO2 on life Climate change predictions are not taking account of the full range of possible effects of rising carbon dioxide levels, researchers say. Scientists currently use models in which warming of 1.5°C…

The Recycled Plastic Scandal Green groups fantasize about a world in which everything is virtuously recycled. They’re prepared to use other nations as refuse heaps in pursuit of that fantasy.