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More CO2 equals a better drink! Beer may lack fizz in Europe amid carbon dioxide shortage LONDON (AP) — No beer at this time of year? A British trade group says there’s a shortage of carbon dioxide in Northern Europe, sparking fears that drinks may lack fizz just as thirsty soccer fans fill pubs for the World Cup. Gavin Partington, director-general of the British Soft Drinks Association, says the shortage […]

Study: Climate Change ‘Deniers’ Are Old, White, Racist By James Delingpole Climate change deniers are more likely to be old, white and racist, a study claims. The relationship between racial attitudes and public opinion about climate change is examined. Public opinion data from Pew and American National Election Studies surveys are used to show that racial identification and prejudices are increasingly correlated with opinions […]

Effort to turn weathermen into climate activists fraught with bad science & backed by RICO supporting professor & funded by taxpayers

Climate Depot Special Report Update: GOP senators push to defund federal grants to climate ‘propaganda’ groups ‘educating’ TV weathercasters Updated June 21, 2018 WASHINGTON DC — NBC News is hyping a report that claims meteorologists are supporting the George Mason and Climate Central effort to promote climate change fears on your nightly weather forecast. See: ‘Global […]

Sen. Inhofe ‘a little embarrassed’ to have doubted EPA chief Pruitt – Now says Pruitt critics fueled by his deregulatory agenda

Via: Inhofe ‘a little embarrassed’ to have doubted Pruitt 06/20/2018 10:36 AM EDT Sen. Jim Inhofe says he’s confident in Scott Pruitt’s leadership after meeting with the embattled EPA chief Monday night — and said he’s “a little embarrassed” to have doubted his long-time friend from Oklahoma. The Republican senator told reporters today that any of […]

‘Global warming,’ now brought to you by local TV weathercaster Global warming, now brought to you by your local TV weathercaster Local weathercasters have become one of the primary conduits for news on global warming. One nonprofit helped push the change. by James Rainey / Jun.20.2018 / 4:34 AM ET Image: NOAA A powerful winter storm moves toward New England on Jan. 4, 2018.NOAA […]

Report: White House thought Pruitt’s climate idea of ‘red team-blue team’ debate was ‘out of control’ The White House thought Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt was going rogue last year when he was planning an exercise to formally challenge climate change science. Mike Catanzaro, President Trump’s top energy adviser, sent an email in July 2017 to Samantha Dravis, the head of the EPA’s policy office, expressing concerns. “There […]