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The ‘New Hell’ — ‘Climate Change’ — Gets Certified by Warmist Schellnhuber as he Prophesizes the ‘End Of Civilization’

New Hell Climate Change Gets Certified …Schellnhuber Prophesizes “End Of Civilization”

by P Gosselin / Yesterday, 07:40

There’s capital to be derived from climate change, and now spiritual leaders and organized religion are getting in the act. And they offer a real Hell you can believe in – even certified by science!

Religion comes up with an all new, improved Hell

As enlightenment over the past decades and centuries have led the masses to doubt the once colorful concept of Hell — that fire-filled place reserved for the incorrigibly unvirtuous and run by reptilian demons — spiritual leaders have seen their clout in modern society erode. No longer is it so easy for them to control people’s behavior with feelings of guilt and threats of eternal damnation.

Recently, however, spiritual leaders have uncovered a new instrument to gain back some control over the masses: climate change – the new, and this time real Hell – yes, that’s been confirmed by 97% of the climate prophets – so disbelieve at your own risk!

Holy Words

This was demonstrated not long ago by Pope Francis’s Laudato si, His second encyclical. According to Wikipedia: “In it, the Pope critiques consumerism and irresponsible development, laments environmental degradation and global warming, and calls all people of the world to take ‘swift and unified global action’.”

The new Hell certified by “leading scientists”!

In a nutshell, do as they say or perish in climate hell. Laudato si was authored in large part by the Pope of Climate Doom himself, Prof. Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber of the ultra-alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK).

And just earlier this week, according to the online here now the orthodox Christians are getting in on the act too. Once again Orthodox leaders too can let themselves stand morally above all others and preach to us on our sinful ways. And should we, the masses, not heed their Holy Science-Certified Words, then the new Hell (climate change) will ferociously engulf us as never seen before.

Hat-tip: a reader

Frustrated scientists: message “not reaching people”

According to The Courier, leading climate change experts and campaigners gathered in Greece so that they could “work with the leaders of the Orthodox Church and other religions to fight global warming”.

Apparently activists and scientists are frustrated that their message is not reaching people fast enough. The two-day conference was inaugurated by “Green Patriarch” Bartholomew.

If science fails – then move on to faith!

Of course in attendance was the former PIK director and now accepted prophet Hans-Joachim (John) Schellnhuber. He told those in attendance:

Faith can help us because we scientists have tried everything. We can’t say what’s happening in a more compelling way when we warn about the end of civilization.”

According to the Courier, “hundreds of islanders” greeted Bartholomew “upon his arrival by boat”. The conference also included “long-breaded Orthodox priests” who got around in “golf carts and horse-drawn carriages”.

Climate visionaries and dignitaries

Also in attendance was a climate adviser to the Pope: Bill McKibben of; Jane Lubchenco, former NOAA head under Obama; Patricia Espinosa, UNFCC replacement for Christiana Figueres; Christiana Figueres herself, now Mission 2020; WAPO journalist Juliet Eilperin; and Jeffrey Sachs, economist, Columbia Earth Institute and climate adviser to the Pope.

No word if they came in on row boats, or horse-drawn carriages.