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Trump administration ‘speeding toward all-out war with California over fuel economy rules for cars’ 0Shares WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is speeding toward all-out war with California over fuel economy rules for cars and SUVs, proposing to revoke the state’s long-standing authority to enforce its own tough rules on tailpipe emissions. The move forms a key part of a proposal by Trump’s environmental and transportation agencies to roll […]

Al Gore warns black people hardest hit by ‘global warming’ – Flashback 2014: Gore promoted ‘fertility management’ to reduce population in Africa

Former Vice President Al Gore warned today that “global warming” will have the worst impact on black and poor people. But in 2014, Gore warned that we needed “ubiquitous fertility management” in order to prevent Africa from a population explosion later this century. Today, the UK Guardian reported (April 27, 2018): “Al Gore warns worst […]

Move over Rachel Carson! – Morano’s Politically Incorrect Climate Book outselling ‘Silent Spring’ at Earth Day

During the days following Earth Day, Rachel Carson’s venerable environmental book ‘Silent Spring’ is being currently outsold and deposed during the time of Earth Day by Morano’s new best-selling book,  “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change,” from Regnery Books. Morano also presented the book to EPA chief Scott Pruitt and was featured in an 18-minutes interview […]

BBC Axes ‘Human Planet’ After Admitting Scenes Were Faked

By Anita Singh, arts and entertainment editor  26 APRIL 2018 • 12:13PM The BBC has withdrawn Human Planet from distribution after admitting that the series faked scenes of an Indonesian hunter harpooning a whale. The natural history programme is currently available on Netflix but will be withdrawn within 24 hours while the corporation conducts an “editorial review”. […]

The Sierra Club: ‘The Case for Climate Reparations’

The new climate restitution lawsuits enjoy advantages their predecessors didn’t. Although the lawsuits are ambitious in their goals, they are relatively modest in their tactics. The municipal and county lawsuits rest on middle-of-the-road tort law surrounding product liability and the “polluter pays” principle. The lawsuits claim that the Carbon Barons caused public and private nuisances […]