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Watch: Greens say ‘Yes’ to allowing Diverse Science Opinions, but not when it comes to climate!

Eyasu: Hi, my name is Eyasu and I’m a senior at George Mason University here with CFACT at the march for science event. Let’s see what these protesters have to say about a different scientific opinion on climate change.
Eyasu: What do you think about opposing views in science? Should we invite that?
Protestor 1: Opposing views should definitely be invited but opposing views have to be backed up by evidence.
Protestor 2: America is all about letting everybody have their say so you can see just exactly how right or exactly how wrong they are.
Eyasu: And what would you say to those who deny climate change?
Protestor 2: So maybe Climate change isn’t such a real thing but would it be such a horrible thing if we made a better world by mistake haha?
Protestor 3: You know so the bottom line is I hope all the science, deniers or climate science deniers are living on low islands in the Pacific.
Protestor 4: And I don’t think we live off the economy I don’t think the economy is always the decision maker, the decider-er, as George would say.
Protestor 3: The military and what we do in the military to defend this country has to be based on science if it’s based on faith and ideology that’s not a win, that’s not a win for the country.
Protestor 5: Let’s say you go to the doctor and they tell you that you have cancer. And you’d like to get a second opinion and then you get 95 or 97 out of a hundred doctors tell you have cancer. Would you defer to the 2% that say maybe not.
Protestor 4: I don’t think people should argue with fact.
Protestor 2: I’d say a lot of people who oppose climate change are disingenuous about it. They actually stand to profit tremendously.