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Watch: Morano on TV on Gore’s coal flip-flop: ‘Gore was deceiving the people back in 1992’ & Now!

Broadcast on April 19, 2018 – The Rebel – The Ezra Levant Show 

On last night’s showMarc Morano of Climate Depot joined me to discuss Al Gore’s flip-flop on coal.

Morano Video here:

Al Gore likes to portray himself as an anti-coal climate crusader, but footage from 1992 of Al Gore testifying before the Senate in favor of clean coal proves that his current stance purely political.

Back in 1992, Al Gore was a Senator from coal-rich Tennesse while running to be Vice President under Bill Clinton, so he needed the support of blue-collar Democrats.

Now that Gore doesn’t need the votes of coal miners, he’s happy to throw the industry under the bus to make his eco-radical fans happy.


Flashback 1992: Gore was for ‘clean coal’ before he was against ‘clean coal’ – ‘We should be taking the lead in the development of clean coal technologies’