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Environmentalist Leonardo DiCpario sets an example: ‘Many luxurious, energy-guzzling homes’ – ‘Scooted on his fume-spewing private plane’

While singer, dancer and all-around performer Beyoncé reportedly responsibly heated up Coachella with a knockout performance this past weekend, renowned climatologistenvironmentologist, actor, and all-around Concerned Citizen Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t as thoughtful.

Leaving one of his many luxurious, energy-guzzling homes, he scooted to the event on his fume-spewing private plane, where the 40-plus-year-old star enjoyed the company of various women, all well under 30.

“I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who keep telling me it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis.” –Glenn Reynolds

It is a mark of the moral bankruptcy of the left that “leading by example” is an unfamiliar concept.