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Sign the Petition to Support Scott Pruitt’s Mission of Reform at EPA

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is under attack and needs your help!

For years, EPA has been the most heavy-handed, overreaching federal bureaucracy in town.  President Trump made an excellent choice in assigning Scott Pruitt the task of cleaning up the EPA “swamp” and transforming it into a smart, balanced protector of the environment.

Will you sign the petition right now to keep Scott Pruitt at EPA and keep his reforms alive?

A mob of Greens, Leftists, pressure groups, political partisans, and climate profiteers is engaged in a full-on smear campaign against Pruitt hoping to drive him from office.  They are exaggerating irrelevant, little issues hoping to “nitpick” Pruitt out.

Reform terrifies them.  Pruitt is a master reformer and that’s why they want him stopped!

Will you sign the petition and help CFACT stand up to these bullies?

The Left is shameless.  The same people who covered for Hillary Clinton when she placed national security at risk by using an insecure private email server, and turned the Clinton Foundation into a pay-to-play cash monster, are now shocked… shocked! to learn that Scott Pruitt put on extra security when his life was threatened and rented a condo for $1,500 per month.

Let’s be real: They couldn’t care less where Scott Pruitt lives. What they care mightily about is that he threatens their dreams of unlimited bureaucratic control by asking the tough questions about climate, energy and the environment they would like to keep us in the dark about.

Will you help CFACT stand up to this mob of big government Greens and help Scott Pruitt clean up the agency we rely on to keep our environment clean?

How do these people sleep at night? 

Obama’s EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy spent a whopping $630,000 between 2013 and 2017 for ten international junkets. “No problem.”

Lisa Jackson, Obama’s other EPA administrator, breaks the law setting up a secret email account and then deletes info demanded in a FOIA request? “Yawn … whatever.”

Obama’s EPA conducts “secret science” and refuses to share the scientific data it bases policy on?  “Nothing to see here folks, move along.”

Leave a woman in a submerged car on Chappaquiddick?  “Lion of the Senate.

CFACT has had enough of their smears, false allegations and double standards. We are sure you have too! We’re taking a stand.

Will you stand with us?

Scott Pruitt is a good man doing important work.  We need more like him.

Sign the petition. Forward it to as many friends as you can. 

Keep Scott Pruitt at EPA and keep reform alive!