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Sign the Petition to Support Scott Pruitt’s Mission of Reform at EPA

by Craig Rucker, 0 Comment EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is under attack and needs your help! For years, EPA has been the most heavy-handed, overreaching federal bureaucracy in town.  President Trump made an excellent choice in assigning Scott Pruitt the task of cleaning up the EPA “swamp” and transforming it into a smart, balanced protector of […]

‘Fat, healthy polar bears’ prompt Gore to abandon their use as a ‘global warming’ icon – New Book Excerpt

The New York Times is circling the wagons for the global warming establishment to smear and dismiss skeptical scientists and research showing that polar bears are not threatened by “global warming.” See: NYT: “Climate Change Denialists Say Polar Bears Are Fine. Scientists Are Pushing Back”  The Times cites the usual climate campaigner suspects like environmental activist Michael […]

Study overturns centuries of ‘settled science’ in ‘global warming’ debate

    Climate Change: Scientists just discovered a massive, heretofore unknown, source of nitrogen. Why does this matter? Because it could dramatically change those dire global warming forecasts that everybody claims are based on “settled science.” The researchers, whose findings were published in the prestigious journal Science, say they’ve determined that the idea that the only […]