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STUDY: Concern over climate change linked to depression, anxiety – ‘Restless nights, feelings of loneliness and lethargy’


Depression and anxiety are afflicting Americans who are concerned at the fate of the environment, according to a study of the mental health effects of climate change.

Those hit hardest are women and people with low incomes who worry about the planet’s long-term health, said the study published this week in the journal Global Environmental Change.

Symptoms include restless nights, feelings of loneliness and lethargy.

“Climate change is a persistent global stressor,” Sabrina Helm, lead author of the paper and professor of family and consumer sciences at the University of Arizona, said.

Risks to mental health from climate change are a “creeping development”, she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. …World leaders mobilized to curb man-made greenhouse gas emissions to fight “global warming” in a 2015 agreement, although the United States has since said it would withdraw from the landmark deal.


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