SUV-Riding New York Mayor Sues Energy Companies for Causing ‘Global Warming’


Earlier this week New York City mayor Bill de Blasio stood side-by-side with several leading anti-fossil fuel activists, whom he called “my brother and sister activists,” and announced he would sue five oil and gas companies for causing Hurricane Sandy.

No, this is not The Onion – but it’s close.

The city complains that the oil and gas companies “produced, marketed, and sold massive quantities of fossil fuels—primarily oil and natural gas—despite knowing that the combustion and use of fossil fuels emit greenhouse gases.” NYC blames the companies for causing Hurricane Sandy because of their contribution to climate change. “The City of New York is taking on these five giants because they are the central actors, they are the first ones responsible for this crisis, and they should not get away with it anymore,” Mayor de Blasio said at his press conference.

It’s unlikely that Hizzoner’s lawsuit will do anything to address climate change; in fact, it’s arguably not even supposed to. Wednesday’s announcement was all about rewarding climate activists and their wealthy funders for the years they’ve spent pressuring public officials to punish energy companies and to declare “war on the fossil fuel industry.”

Bill McKibben


With a day’s hindsight, New York’s actions seem even more dramatic: a central and powerful political entity has declared war on the fossil fuel industry