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Al Gore’s sequel drops 75% in weekend box office take, just 4% of earnings from 2006 original

Apparently Gore’s climate doom message just isn’t that popular anymore, even with a “climate caused” hurricane hitting the USA this weekend. Now in it’s 5th week (4 weeks in wide release, the premier was only a handful of theaters) An Inconvenient Sequel dropped 74.6% over the weekend as reported by Box Office Mojo:

It must be humiliating to be beaten by Captain Underpants: the First Epic Movie in it’s 13th week.

That’s a far cry from the fifth week of Gore’s original movie, An Inconvenient Truthback in 2006, when it ranked 14th:

Note also the difference in take and theaters. In 2006, Gore’s AIT was in 514 theaters during it’s fifth weekend, now in 2017, AIS has only 127, basically 25% of the 2006 numbers. But the take is even worse. In 2006, AIT earned $2,016,408 while in 2017 AIS earned only $83,951 – which is just four percent of the earnings for the fifth weekend in 2006 of AIT.

Overall for all five weeks, AIT in 2006 earned $9,630,014, while AIS has earned only $3,329,343. That’s only 34.5% of the earnings for the original during the same period.

He’ll probably blame it on Hurricane Harvey.