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New study in Journal of Hydrology finds no increase in floods – ‘Compelling evidence for increased flooding at a global’ scale is lacking’

# Journal of Hydrology Volume 552, September 2017, Pages 704-717 “Climate-driven variability in the occurrence of major floods across North America and Europe” Highlights • Trends in major-floods from 1204 sites in North America and Europe are assessed. • Trends based on counting exceedances of flood thresholds for groups of gauges. • The number of […]

Bastardi: No Michael Mann — Climate change did not cause Hurricane Harvey

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi takes down fake Nobelist Michael Mann’s lame effort in the Guardian to link climate with Hurricane Harvey. By Joe Bastardi August 29, 2017, Reprinted with the permission of Dr. Mann at PSU has outdone himself. Back when New England had their famed February with snow and cold, he made the claim […]

Morano on TV rebuts Harvey ‘global warming’ claims

On last night’s show, Marc Morano of and I discussed the media’s habit of blaming natural disasters on climate change. I remember when they made these claims when Calgary was hit by floods, despite floods being a regular occurrence there over thousands of years. They’re doing it now Texas, with mainstream media outlets claiming climate change is responsible […]

Harvey marks the most extreme rain event in U.S. history

By Jason Samenow August 29 at 2:09 PM The rain from Harvey is in a class of its own. The storm has unloaded over 50 inches of rain east of Houston, the greatest amount ever recorded in the Lower 48 states from a single storm. And it’s still raining. John Nielsen-Gammon, Texas state climatologist, said a rain gauge in […]