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Flashback: 1963 Global Cooling Hurricane Produced 100 Inches Of Rain

by tonyheller Joe Bastardi sent this map over. Hurricane Flora produced 100 inches of rain in Cuba in 1963. At the time, there was unanimous consensus among scientists that Earth was cooling. January 30, 1961 – NYTimes Being a typical progressive, Fidel Castro raised taxes and blamed the US for the bad weather and his own […]

Climate Change Advocates Use ‘Harvey’ to Tout Global Warming

by LANA SHADWICK26 Aug 20172,585 Activists wasted no time in using Hurricane Harvey to tout their political agenda of climate change and global warming. Some even said those in the region deserved the storm because of their disbelief in the climate notion. Others jabbed at the president for his policies. MiG and Nazi Killer Tweeted a […]