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Gore ‘really shocked’ at BBC for daring to interview one of his climate critics – Slams BBC for ‘engaging In climate denial’

UK’s Lord Nigel Lawson blasted former Vice President Al Gore for ‘same old claptrap’ on  global warming during a BBC’s Radio 4 interview on August 10. Gore, who is out promoting his new film “An Inconvenient Sequel,” responded by declaring he was “really shocked” that BBC would even allow one of his critics on the air.

“It’s shocking how the BBC is engaged in climate denial, isn’t it? I had a personal experience with it this morning. It’s really shocking,” Gore told UK’s LBC radio. 

Lawson, who served in former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet, told the BBC: “I’ve heard what Al Gore has to say and it’s the same old clap trap. People often fail to change and he says he hasn’t changed, he’s like the man who goes around saying ‘the end of the world is nigh’ with a big placard.”

“To begin with you might be a little bit scared but after ten years of him doing that and the end of the world isn’t nigh, then you think ‘maybe we should forget that and concentrate on real problems like North Korea’, like world poverty, like disease and all these other issues which we should be diverting our attention to,” Lawson, who was also chancellor from 1983 to 1989, explained.

Lawson added: “International terrorism, Islamic fundamentalism, these are real problems. The world is not short of problems and to devote resources and energy to non-problems is really ridiculous.”

Lawson also noted that Gore’s is essentially acting a as a lobbyist to enrich himself.  “Al Gore has a substantial economic interest in renewable energy If it is fully economic, why on earth do we subsidize it and support it by all sorts of government policies which are driving up the cost of energy, particularly in the United Kingdom.”

Gore: ‘It’s Really Shocking’

Gore, instead of responding with a substantive response to Lawson’s comments, expressed that he was “really shocked” that BBC would even broadcast a critic of who disagrees with him about global warming.

“It’s shocking how the BBC is engaged in climate denial, isn’t it? I had a personal experience with it this morning. It’s really shocking,” Gore told UK’s LBC radio. 


Lord Lawson & Al Gore

According to LBC, “Gore was stunned to hear Lord Lawson, who was invited on to dispute scientific claims on climate change, despite having no scientific qualifications or training.” [Climate Depot note: Um, what “scientific qualification or training” does Gore have? Al Gore Got ‘D’ in ‘Natural Sciences’ at Harvard. And, according to Warren Buffet’s vice chair Charlie Munger, “coaxed through Harvard with a gentleman’s C.” A ‘Gentleman’s C’ is defined by Urban Dictionary as “A grade given to a student (traditionally with wealthy parents) instead of a failing grade.”  Munger said Gore’s “not very smart” and “an idiot”, but became filthy rich investing in ‘”global warming.”  “Gore has made $3 or $400 million in [investing] business. And he’s not very smart. He smoked a lot of pot as he coaxed through Harvard with a gentleman’s C,” Munger said in 2017.

Gore then repeated the talking points of the climate change narrative by repeating the 97% consensus meme.

“Between 97 and 99% of scientists agree that climate change is real,” Gore claimed. [Climate Depot Note: As even United Nations Lead Author scientists have pointed out, the 97% consensus claims are entirely fabricated. See: UN IPCC Lead Author Dr. Richard Tol Rips 97% consensus claim: ‘The 97% is essentially pulled from thin air, it is not based on any credible research whatsoever’]

Gore’s sequel has met with disappointing box office totals so far. See: ‘This was not supposed to happen’: Gore’s sequel comes in dismal 15th at box office – Gore fans allege film ‘sabotaged’ by Paramount

Gore also failed to note that global temperatures are actually cooler now in 2017 than they were when his 2006 film “An Inconvenient Truth” was originally released. See: Meteorologist Bastardi: Earth has cooled since Gore’s first film in 2006: Temps ‘were warmer than they are now’ 

Gore used the following analogy to try to discredit Lord Lawson and other climate skeptics.

“If you had chest pains and they increased and you were somehow able to consult with the 100 heart specialists in the world and 97% said ‘You need to take this medicine, you need to change your diet, you need to make these other changes’, would you wait to find two or three who said ‘No, everything’s fine, you’ve got nothing to worry about.'”

[Climate Depot response to Gore: Gore’s analogy is all wrong. A more accurate analogy would be: “To accept these claims by quack doctors — from activists like Gore and activist scientists like James HansenMichael Oppenheimer and Kevin Trenberth — is like ignoring reams of evidence that they should have their licenses revoked for repeated malpractice. You would have to question the diagnosis of any “doctor” who is pushing his costly and purely placebo remedies like EPA and UN Paris climate pact on a patient who is not even sick.]