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Warmist Review: Gore’s sequel ‘not a great movie…unfocused…’bent the truth’ on India…’light on the facts’


by Alissa Wilkinson

Excerpts:  The likelihood of anyone watching the movie who isn’t already sympathetic to Gore’s cause seems low.

An Inconvenient Sequel is still not a great movie — unfocused, a bit suspect in its methods, and (not entirely through its own fault) kind of a major bummer. It’s not up to the standards of An Inconvenient Truth, and its rigor leaves much to be desired.

Reading about a film that left me depressed about the role of facts, data, and information in our society, only to discover how it bent the truth, feels both frustrating and somehow depressingly obvious, like I should have expected it all along.

Selective editing is the documentarian’s tool, of course. But if most of the film’s hope is pinned on this example of cooperation — and yet the details I saw didn’t really line up with reality — then what are we meant to believe?

Even An Inconvenient Sequel seems a little light on the facts at times

Yet watching Gore present graphs and data to rooms full of people who want to advocate on behalf of sustainable energy efforts around the world, it’s hard not to grow cynical. Sure, they’re applauding — but who wouldn’t be? It’s a self-selecting crowd, right?

As far as I can tell, not much has changed in An Inconvenient Sequel since its Sundance debut.

But on balance, it’s still the same movie.