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The sun is set to ‘change form’ as NASA says solar minimum is on the way

By CHEYENNE MACDONALD FOR DAILYMAIL.COM PUBLISHED: 14:35 EDT, 28 June 2017 | UPDATED: 14:35 EDT, 28 June 2017 The sun is heading into a period known as solar minimum, during which activity at the surface will ‘change form.’ In this time, certain types of activity, such as sunspots and solar flares will drop – but, it’s also expected to bring […]

Ministry Of Truth: Global Warming Establishment Erased The Medieval Warm Period

by tonyheller In 1981, NASA’s James Hansen showed a Medieval Warm Period – based on temperatures in Greenland, California and England. In 1981, NASA’s Global temperature trend is based on temperatures in central England, the tree limit in the White Mountains of California, and oxygen isotope  measurements in the Greenland ice (W. Dansgaard of the Geophysical Isotope […]

California Focuses On Global Warming While Choked By Air Pollution

By ANDREW FOLLETT California has by far the country’s worst air quality even despite decades of environmentalism, according to research scientists at California State University (CSU) published Thursday. Researchers found California’s air quality is improving, but it is still by far the worst in the nation in terms of ozone and small particle pollution. The […]

Trump EPA to Dump ‘WOTUS’; Frees 247 Million Acres of Farmland

by CHRISS W. STREET 28 Jun 2017Newport Beach, CA1,760 The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced Tuesday, to the delight of rural America, that the Trump administration is moving to rescind the Obama era’s “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS) regulatory rule. WOTUS gave the federal government effective authority over water use on 247 million acres of American […]

Finally, see ‘Climate Hustle’ in Australia — Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney.

Don’t miss this if you can get there :- )  (And don’t forget to sign that Petition to get Australia out of the Paris Agreement too). … U.S.-based CFACT, along with its Australian partners, is hosting a showing of its new groundbreaking documentary, Climate Hustle, and you’re invited! Following each event, join film director CFACT Executive Director, Craig […]

9-Year-Old Boy Claims ‘Global Warming’s Gonna Get Us’

By Callista Ring | June 27, 2017 4:45 PM EDT Hulu’s Casual, although meant to be a comedy, has consistently infused itself with liberal propaganda. Climate change is one chosen crusade, with almost every single episode of the season so far containing mention of how climate change is destroying the earth and how people can help. The most recent episode, “Venus,” […]