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California Focuses On Global Warming While Choked By Air Pollution


California has by far the country’s worst air quality even despite decades of environmentalism, according to research scientists at California State University (CSU) published Thursday.

Researchers found California’s air quality is improving, but it is still by far the worst in the nation in terms of ozone and small particle pollution. The report found that more than 90 percent of Californians live in areas with unhealthy air at some point during the year.

“The Los Angeles basin is exposed to the highest ozone levels in the country,” Dr. Steve LaDochy, a professor who studies air pollution at CSU and study co-author, said in a statement. “It is getting better here, but it’s still the worst.”

The top four U.S. cities with the worst air quality are in California, and seven of the ten cities on American Lung Association’s (ALA) list of cities with the worst air quality are in the Golden state. The news comes as Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown prioritizes environmental concerns on global warming instead of traditional pollution issues.