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Despite Rising CO2, 2017 Accumulated Cyclone Energy ‘Remains At Record Low Levels’

By P Gosselin on 20. June 2017 Global warming was supposed to inject thermal energy into the atmosphere, and thus spawn one super cyclone after another.  Yet observations refuse to cooperate with the alarmist hypothesis. At Twitter Colorado State University research scientist Philip Klotzbach reports that 2017 global cyclone energy “remains at record low levels“: Earlier on June 13 Klotzbach tweeted the […]

Natural Southwest heat causes propaganda to rise like the Phoenix

by CFACT Ed,It’s hot in the American Southwest. Really hot. So hot that airlines have been delaying flights for their smaller planes, waiting for cooler, denser air to provide better lift. June, however, is a particularly hot month in the region.  Temperatures over 100 degreesFahrenheit are the norm.  Phoenix’s “all-time high of 122 degrees has stood since June […]

Skeptic Challenges Climate Science Education

06/19/2017 | By Kennedy Maize Veteran global warming gadfly David Wojick is mounting a challenge to the way climate science is being taught in our schools, and raising money online for his venture. At the same time, Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt says he wants to mount teams to debate climate science, according to the Washington […]

Experts Published A Scathing Rebuttal To The Left’s Favorite Green Energy Study

By Michael Bastasch A group of researchers have published a scathing rebuttal to a 2015 report claiming the U.S. could run on 100 percent green energy, which they say suffered from “significant shortcomings.” The 2015 study led by Stanford University professor Mark Jacobson claimed wind turbines, solar power and hydroelectric dams could power the entire […]