Natural Southwest heat causes propaganda to rise like the Phoenix

Really hot.

So hot that airlines have been delaying flights for their smaller planes, waiting for cooler, denser air to provide better lift.

June, however, is a particularly hot month in the region.  Temperatures over 100 degreesFahrenheit are the norm.  Phoenix’s “all-time high of 122 degrees has stood since June 26, 1990.”

All that heat is historically normal.

Nonetheless, the usual suspects just can’t resist attributing natural heat waves to global warming.

“The Southwest is broiling. Are you paying attention, President Trump?” asks Jill Filipovic at CNN, “If you’re stranded in Phoenix right now, or worried about an elderly acquaintance in California, or are without power in the Bay Area, or nervous about a wildfire taking your home, you can thank the long list of politicians who do the bidding of polluting corporations instead of their constituents and protect profit over the environment… You can thank the President who tore up the Paris climate agreement.”

“It’s a well-known problem” writes the reliably warmist BBC, “a 2016 report from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) even warned that higher temperatures caused by climate change could ‘have severe consequences for aircraft take-off performance, where high altitudes or short runways limit the payload or even the fuel-carrying capacity.’”

The Atlantic asks, “Did climate change ground flights in Phoenix?” and concludes, “Yes, but it didn’t act alone.”

This is all nonsense.

Global warming, climate change, call it what you will, is not a significant factor driving today’s weather.  Global warming is not broiling the southwest, nor is it grounding flights in Phoenix.

Local weather happens.

The warming that took place last century, with little or none in this, is simply too small.  Even after they got done fiddling with the data, the most warming researchers can come up with amounts to less than one degree Celsius above the global temperature baseline.

Extreme global warming capable of meaningfully impacting the weather remains a figment of climate computer simulations that never check out when compared to real world observations.  They continually predict higher temperatures than actually occur.

Hyping hot days as climate and poo-pooing cold days as weather is one of the oldest tricks in the global warming playbook.

So is attributing extreme weather to climate change by obscuring the fact that today’s weather is normal outside the alternate world of computer simulations.

We live in the real Earth, not a computer derived Matrix. 

Weather, as it always has, remains the average of extremes.  Exploiting extreme weather to score propaganda points is a shameful tactic.  Warming campaigners should knock it off.  The media should do its job and fact check this kind of fake climate news out of existence.