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Is Old Green Science Behind The New Blue State/ China Alliances?

By Conor Coughlin

Climate Solutions was a franchisee of the notorious Earth Island Institute, a radical anti-American organization when this small obscure environmental group was selected by the government to operate some of the largest scientific research programs in US history. Climate Solutions produced the Poised For Profits report in 2001 that was later utilized by another secretive government controlled non-profit calling themselves the Prosperity Partnership, which created a Regional Economic Agenda to corner the global market on climate-friendly products and services.

Most Americans have never heard of Climate Solutions, the Prosperity Partnership or any aspect of the agenda of the EPA’s Billionaires Club, a shadowy group first identified in a 2014 Senate Report. This is partly due to a decades-long media ‘blackout’ of all information regarding the EPA’s business ventures, but mainly from the fact that our FBI, NSA, and CIA have illegally ‘intercepted‘ and destroyed all evidence of government corruption and self-dealing on behalf of the Obama Administration since the inauguration back in 2009.

Much of this illegal government spying and intercepts were designed as a form of intimidation in order to suppress any dialog on the flawed science propping up the ENERGY STAR brand, arguably the most corrupt federal program in US history. National security was used as a tool for censorship of opposition to the domestic policy by the Obama Administration and our entire political establishment knew about this illegal activity for several years.