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Almost 300 Graphs Undermine Claims Of Unprecedented, Global-Scale Modern Warmth

Hundreds Of Scientific Papers Challenge ‘Global’ Warming Recently, an article citing over 80 graphs from scientific papers published in 2017 — and another 55 graphs from 2016 — established that modern “global” warming is not actually global in scale, and that today’s warmth is neither unprecedented or remarkable when considering the larger context of natural […]

California orders Volkswagen to build more electric-car charging stations in poor neighborhoods

eter Henderson, Reuters 17h 3,131 FACEBOOK LINKEDIN TWITTER EMAIL PRINT A Volkswagen’s logo is seen on a wheel of a car at a used car dealership in Seoul, South Korea, October 2, 2015. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji California legislators on Thursday tightened rules requiring Volkswagen to spend a portion of clean car infrastructure funds in disadvantaged communities, passing a bill […]

Is Old Green Science Behind The New Blue State/ China Alliances?

by Jeff Dunetz | Jun 15, 2017 | Climate 128SHARES Share Tweet Plus By Conor Coughlin Climate Solutions was a franchisee of the notorious Earth Island Institute, a radical anti-American organization when this small obscure environmental group was selected by the government to operate some of the largest scientific research programs in US history. Climate Solutions produced the Poised For Profits report in […]

Claim: Global diet and farming methods ‘must change for environment’s sake’

From IOP PUBLISHING and the “our way or the highway” department: Global diet and farming methods ‘must change for environment’s sake’ Reducing meat consumption and using more efficient farming methods globally are essential to stave off irreversible damage to the environmental, a new study says. Source: Claim: Global diet and farming methods ‘must change for […]

Antarctic media hype debunked — WATCH NOW

June 15, 2017 by David Rothbard, A story recently on claims a research station in Antarctica broke the record for warm temperature and reached a balmy 63 degrees. But according to the WATTSUPWITHTHAT the location at Base Esperanza is the most extreme northward tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, not far from Africa, and experiences wind storms that can dramatically […]

Alleged DC shooter was a left-wing climate activist who hated Trump, Koch brothers

United States Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) and several Capitol Police officers were shot by a rifle-wielding gunman early Wednesday during a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia. According to the Washington Post, federal law enforcement officials have identified the alleged suspect as James T. Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Illinois. While information about the alleged shooter is still […]