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NASA scientists baffled by huge patch of GREEN ice in Antarctica – Likely massive bloom of phytoplankton The luminous-looking green ice already covers about 650 square miles (about 1000 square kilometres) – and it is growing by the day. NASA scientists who spotted the bizarre green ice among the thousands of routine survey pictures taken from 700 miles up US satellite Landsat 8 by are baffled. As ever aliens have been […]

Fake Weather: Weather Service Rejects Accurate Snow Forecasts — Manipulates Public Instead – Copies Tactics From Climate Debate

Climate Depot Analysis WASHINGTON DC – What the hell!? The National Weather Service (NWS) has now officially admitted its highest mission seems to be manipulating public behavior, not informing the public of the most accurate weather forecast. Weather Con Borrows From Climate Con! WEATHER SERVICE DECIDED LAST MINUTE NOT TO CUT SNOW FORECAST – “Out of extreme caution we decided […]

Paper: ‘End Of The EPA? Trump Admin. Considers Crippling Cuts To EPA’

BY KASIA KOVACS The Environmental Protection Agency has already braced itself for $2 billion in budget cuts and a loss of 3,000 employees. But more painful cuts may be coming, Axios reported Wednesday afternoon, as President Donald Trump’s administration was discussing possible further reductions to the EPA. “They [the EPA career employees] just have to deal […]

‘Global warming’ dominated by ‘fake news’ fueled by manipulated data

By Daniel G. Jones For decades, we’ve heard the Chickens Little cry that the sky is warming.  Then, in 2009, a hack of climate researchers’ emails at the University of East Anglia indicated that things weren’t quite on the up-and-up, science-wise.  Climatologists had massaged global temperature records to bolster their claims of man-made global warming, […]

Report: Even deeper cuts being discussed for EPA

By Jonathan Swan & Ben Geman The Environmental Protection Agency isn’t fighting the White House’s initial budget that proposes to cut the agency’s budget by about $2 billion — or roughly 25% — and reduce the agency’s workforce by roughly 3,000 employees. Climate change programs would be gutted under the proposal and the workforce attached to these programs […]

A dozen groups give Gov. Brown failing environmental grade

Via: THOMAS RICHARD Twelve environmental and watchdog groups published a report blasting Gov. Jerry Brown’s so-called green credentials. Is Jerry Brown California’s savior? – rstreet.orgA coalition of green and public interest groups has published a report that says Gov. #Jerry Brown (D-Calif.) was living up to his surname: he’s more ‘Brown’ than green. It accuses him […]