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Fake Weather: Weather Service Rejects Accurate Snow Forecasts — Manipulates Public Instead – Copies Tactics From Climate Debate

Climate Depot Analysis

WASHINGTON DC – What the hell!? The National Weather Service (NWS) has now officially admitted its highest mission seems to be manipulating public behavior, not informing the public of the most accurate weather forecast.

Weather Con Borrows From Climate Con! WEATHER SERVICE DECIDED LAST MINUTE NOT TO CUT SNOW FORECAST – “Out of extreme caution we decided to stick with higher amounts,” Greg Carbin, chief of forecast operations at the Weather Prediction Center in suburban Maryland, told The Associated Press. Carbin said a last-minute change downgrading snowfall totals might have given people the wrong message that the storm was no longer a threat….Dramatically changing forecasts in what meteorologists call “the windshield wiper effect” only hurts the public, said Bob Henson, a meteorologist for the private Weather Underground.  (Kudos to AP’s Seth Borenstein for a hard-hitting and informative article.)

Morano: According to the NWS, informing the public about the latest downgraded snow forecast would have ‘given people the wrong message’ and telling the public the storm fizzled “only hurts the public”!” We have now officially expanded the era of “fake news” to include “fake weather.”

This line of reasoning and manipulation of forecasts is an insult to the public and to weather forecasting professional everywhere.

The NWS’s primary function is to inform the public in situations like this, not make forecasts based on how to best influence public behavior. It is not the “National Psychiatric Service”, but the National WEATHER Service. The NWS has taken it upon themselves to decide that the public was unable to hand the truth about the 2017 Blizzard Bust.

The public expects scientifically accurate and up to the minute forecasts, not calculated politically dubious forecasts that hide the truth. At least it was refreshing to know that Washington DC, local WTOP News Radio (103.5 FM) bucked the NWS trend and featured meteorologists on Tuesday admitting the storm was fizzling for DC. It was heartening that some meteorologists were more concerned about giving the public accurate forecasts, not treating us like children who need to be lied to.

NWS Aping ‘Global Warming’ Tactics!?

Sadly, the NWS has sunk to the levels now routinely seen in the “global warming” debate. The climate change debate in many instances has morphed into the attitude of “we must not reveal to the public exactly how uncertain we are about our dire ‘global warming’ forecasts because they may not believe us.” The climate debate stoops to utilizing “stagecraft” and dire forecasts to influence the public to support so-called “global warming” solutions.


For Climate Change examples see below:

Former NASA lead climate scientists James Hansen conceded that use of “extreme scenarios” to dramatize climate change “may have been appropriate at one time”. Hansen appeared to concede in a 2003 issue of Natural Science that the use of “extreme scenarios” to dramatize climate change “may have been appropriate at one time” to drive the public’s attention to the issue of “climate change.”

Stagecraft: 1997, the week before Kyoto: Phil Jones and Mike Hulme become ‘TV Stars!!’ with ‘nicely timed’ announcement that ‘1997 is on course to be the warmest year on record’  Jones: ‘Mike you looked very much like the Pope making very authoritative pronouncements!’

 Flashback: Then-Sen. Wirth aided NASA’s Hansen with Congressional ‘Stagecraft’ in 1988