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Geologist: ‘The delusional war on warmth’

For decades, global warming scaremongers have been stealing energy from the environment using windmills, solar collectors, and biofuels, force-fed by carbon taxes and emission trading schemes.  Their delusional dream is to cool the globe.

However, there has been no global warming for nearly 20 years.  Right now, the great ice sheets are growing thicker, and record snow is blanketing much of the climate change leader, the Northern Hemisphere landmass.  Solar panels are blinded by snow, and turbines don’t turn in the cold still air, or else they have to be shut down because of icing or high winds.  Like all green things, wind and solar power often hibernate in winter.

Meanwhile, the unloved all-weather energy producers (coal, gas, and nuclear) are straining at their limits, as families huddle around heaters fearing the first flickers of failure from overloaded power grids.

No food is produced from land smothered in snow – farmers fear late frosts and welcome early spring rains and warmth.

For the last million years, Earth has experienced long cycles of ice separated by short warm inter-glacials.  Today’s warm era is already a mature twelve thousand years old, and Earth’s climate is fluctuating naturally toward the next glacial cycle in which many animals and plants will perish.  Only fools would assist the return of the ice.

Warmists are making a massive mistake by assuming that global cooling is better than global warming.  They are ignoring their precious “Precautionary Principle.”

A frigid ice house is far more dangerous and destructive than a warm greenhouse.

Disclosure: Viv Forbes is a geologist who has studied geological and climate history; and a farmer who watches the pastures die in the dry cold winters as the livestock and wildlife wait for the warmer weather and spring storms.