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‘Climate Denier’: Imprecise, Fallacious, and Hateful

Robert Bradley Jr. ,   CONTRIBUTOR I cover energy issues from a private property, free market perspective Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.  “Trump Taps Climate Skeptic for Top Environmental Post.” So read a page-one headline in the Wall Street Journal last month. A balanced article followed, describing president-elect Trump’s pick for administrator […]

Days before Trump takes office, Obama gives another $500 million to UN Green Climate Fund

Via: Days before Trump takes office, State Department gives $500 million to UN Green Climate Fund The announcement is expected to prompt a backlash. A woman works her computer at the Green Climate Fund stand at the COP21, United Nations Climate Change Conference, Monday, Nov. 30, 2015 in Le Bourget, north of Paris. CREDIT: AP Photo/Michel […]

GOP environment chairman plans ‘wholesale change’ at EPA

The top senator overseeing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is planning a “wholesale change” at the agency under President-elect Donald Trump and a Republican Congress. Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), the new chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, wrote in a Fox News opinion piece Tuesday that he and Trump EPA nominee Scott Pruitt […]

Statistician: UN climate treaty will cost $100 trillion – To Have No Impact – Postpone warming by less than four years by 2100

Danish statistician Dr. Bjorn Lomborg, the President of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, has come out denouncing the UN climate Paris agreement as a massive waste of money that will do nothing to impact climate change. In a January 16, 2017 Prager U video titled, “The Paris Climate Agreement Won’t Change the Climate,” Lomborg explains that “the agreement will […]

Geologist: ‘The delusional war on warmth’

By Viv Forbes For decades, global warming scaremongers have been stealing energy from the environment using windmills, solar collectors, and biofuels, force-fed by carbon taxes and emission trading schemes.  Their delusional dream is to cool the globe. However, there has been no global warming for nearly 20 years.  Right now, the great ice sheets are […]

Earth Hour in 3D: Dim, Dark and Dopey

World Wide Fund for Nature (Australia) is gearing up for its tenth idiotic Earth Hour at 8.30pm on Saturday, March 25. Once again it will be urging people to turn off lights  (but not fridges, freezers, TVs, dishwashers, computers, aircons and smart-phones). If WWF is aware that satellite data shows no atmospheric warming for the […]

Trump’s mission: ‘Bolster America’s energy sector to unleash the U.S. economy’

As Trump takes on that goal, he should keep four main tenets in mind: respect for private property rights, reliance on voluntary exchange, tax neutrality, and consumer welfare. The Trump administration will have to undo eight years of obstruction under President Barack Obama’s relentless public policy war against fossil fuels. After a good many executive […]