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Climatologist Urges Trump: End ‘incestuous relationship’ between government & science research

Via: Science Under President Trump: End the Bias in Government-Funded Research December 21st, 2016 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. You might expect that my background in climate research would mean my suggestions to a Trump Administration would be all climate-related. And there’s no question that climate would be a primary focus, especially neutering the […]

NYT: Global Warming Is Turning Polar Bears Into ‘Refugees’

The New York Times believes Arctic-dwelling polar bears are “climate refugees,” fleeing for their lives from melting sea ice caused by man-made global warming. Polar bears are migrating away from their traditional hunting grounds and toward areas in Canada, Russia, and Alaska, The NYT wrote Sunday, because sea ice is melting at a record pace. […]

Obama Adds Last Minute Anti-Coal Regs Before Trump Takes Office

The Obama administration added another layer of anti-coal mining regulations to the books Monday, just before President-elect Donald Trump takes office. The new regulations require coal companies which have finished mining in an area to restore the land to the same condition that existed before digging began. Obama’s Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell called the […]

New paper: ‘Cold Little Ice Age period agrees with timing of Maunder sunspot minimum of low solar activity’

Research Article A comparison of the climates of the medieval climate anomaly, little ice age, and current warm period reconstructed using coral records from the northern South China Sea Authors Wenfeng Deng, Xi Liu, Xuefei Chen, Gangjian Wei, Ti Zeng, Luhua Xie, Jian-xin Zhao Accepted manuscript online: 21 December 2016Full publication history DOI: 10.1002/2016JC012458View/save citation […]