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Despite media’s Arctic record heat claims, ‘there is nothing unusual going on in the Arctic’

The Washington Post is misleading their frozen US readers once again about the Arctic, telling them the Arctic has temperatures 50 degrees above normal and record low sea ice. They say this is not normal.

Pre-Christmas melt? North Pole forecast to warm 50 degrees above normal Thursday – The Washington Post

Temperatures in Greenland are incredibly cold. The reason the North Pole is not as cold as normal is because deep waves in the jet stream have brought the cold air south, and milder air north.

Summit, Greenland Forecast | Weather Underground

It has snowed in the Sahara Desert for the first time in 40 years.

Stunning photos capture rare snow in the Sahara Desert

Arctic sea ice extent is higher than 2012 and 2013, and about the same as last year. There is no “record low sea ice” as the Washington Post fraudsters claim.

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

What is going on in the Arctic with meridional circulation was explained by Science News during the 1970s ice age scare. There is nothing unusual going on in the Arctic.

The December 1977 issue of National Geographic showed exactly what was going on.

National Geographic : 1977 Dec

Deep dips in the jet stream brought warm air towards the pole, and cold air to the Midwest and East.

Florida was frozen during January, 1977. California was warm and had record drought.

Alaska was 50 degrees in January 1997, and the bears refused to hibernate. Note the same 50 degree number used in the Washington Post article.

27 Jan 1977, Page 8 – The Sheboygan Press

This is just one more fake news attempt by the Washington Post to derail President Trump’s efforts to end junk climate science. Warm air in one place normally means cold air somewhere else. This is perfectly normal weather and has nothing to do with fake news global warming.