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California to Regulate Energy Use of Desktop Computers & Monitors To Fight ‘Global Warming’ By TATIANA SCHLOSSBERG DECEMBER 15, 2016 Computers, long a symbol of the digital age, are now moving into a more earth-friendly future: California’s state energy agency voted unanimously Wednesday to approve new regulations for energy loop efficiency in desktop computers and monitors. The rules, passed by the agency, the California Energy Commission, are the country’s first attempt to […]

Trump should adopt these climate-related reforms to make America great again

In President-elect Donald Trump’s “Contract with the American Voter,” a “100-day action plan to Make America Great Again,” Trump outlines several measures he says he will undertake to create jobs and economic growth. While much of the agenda Trump proposes will help to improve the economy while also leaving reasonable environmental protections in place, I […]

Paper: ‘Titanic clash between climate scientists & climate deniers is shaping up in DC’ San Francisco Chronicle December 15, 2016 A titanic clash between climate scientists and climate deniers is shaping up in Washington as President-elect Donald Trump nominates oil industry supporters to head key federal agencies. Yet resistance already is forming among elected leaders, federal bureaucrats and private citizens. Trump may find reversing climate change policies more […]

Cheers! Trump Effect: Green Climate Fund misses 2016 target as U.S. donation in doubt

Board celebrates approval of projects worth $1.3bn at meeting in Samoa, but falls short of $2.5bn goal and delays key policy decisions Vanuatu in the aftermath of Cyclone Pam. Pacific islands are increasingly vulnerable to tropical storms in a warming world (Pic: UNDP/Silke von Brockhausen) By Megan Darby The Green Climate Fund board approved eight […]

BBC features climate skeptic happy about Trump: ‘Much of the research in the field takes place in an echo chamber’

Via: By Matt McGrath Environment correspondent Excerpt: But some in this field believe that the change of administration is a good moment to review the type of scientific questions that US researchers are asking. Marcel Crok is a Dutch science writer who doesn’t support the scientific consensus on climate change. He says that much of the […]

Hottest Arctic Hype: ‘Nothing is actually happening that justifies the apocalyptic headlines’

By Paul Homewood There has been a concerted effort in the last few days to run the latest Arctic scare story, such as this one in the Telegraph: The Arctic shattered heat records in the past year as unusually warm air triggered massive melting of ice and snow and a late fall freeze, […]

‘The Impending Collapse Of The Global Warming Scare’

December 14, 2016/ By Francis Menton Over the past three decades, the environmental movement has increasingly hitched its wagon to exactly one star as the overwhelming focus of the cause, namely “climate change.” Sure, issues of bona fide pollution like smog and untreated sewage are still out there a little, but they are largely under […]