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Watch: Morano on TV on Trump’s EPA: ‘Pruitt is the defining pick when it comes to climate’ agenda founder Marc Morano discusses Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt and the EPA

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Trump ignores Gore’s advice, instead picks skeptic to head EPA & dismantle climate agenda – ‘Trump listened to what Gore had to say at their New York City meeting and then he exercised his good judgement and did the exact opposite.’

CLIMATE TRUTH FILE: 2016: Skeptical Talking Points from A-Z on Global Warming – Point-By-Point

Will EPA climate regulations impact the Earth’s climate?

NO! President Obama’s own EPA Chief Gina McCarthy admitted that the EPA regulations are symbolic and will have no measurable climate impact – even if you believe in the climate activist version of science. “The value of this rule is not measured in that way [temperature impact],” McCarthy said in 2015. “I am not disagreeing that this action in and of itself will not make
all the difference we need to address climate action, but what I’m saying is that if we don’t take action domestically we will never get started,” she added. Obama’s former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson had previously noted that “U.S. action alone will not impact world CO2 levels.”

Climatologist Dr. Patrick Michaels’ analysis says any potential impact on climate from EPA regulations would be “so small as to be undetectable, less than two one-hundredths of a degree C.” “We’re not even sure how to put such a small number into practical terms, because, basically, the number is so small as to be undetectable.”

Even NASA’s former lead global warming scientist James Hansen has called Obama’s EPA climate regulations “practically worthless,” and added, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Yet, despite the fact that EPA regulations would have no impact on global CO2 levels, Obama advisor John Podesta claimed in 2014 that the EPA CO2 regulations are needed to combat extreme weather: “The risk on the downside you’re seeing every day in the weather.”


LISTEN WMAL: Morano on Trump’s EPA Pick: Trump Listened To Gore And Did The Exact Opposite.

While discussing the appointment of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to run the EPA, Cuomo ranted to CNN co-anchor Alisyn Camerota, “People thought the world was flat.” He continued, “People thought blacks and whites shouldn’t marry. People thought blacks shouldn’t be equal. That doesn’t mean you accept it as fact as a leader.”

CUOMO: Ninety nine percent of the scientific community says that global warming is impacted by man.

Warmist Law Prof. ‘Dismantling Climate Rules Isn’t So Easy’ -Law professor warns: Trump’s efforts to overturn EPA regulations ‘a deeply disturbing turn in the nation’s effort to slow climate change.’
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Trump’s EPA pick will make Obama regret his environmental overreach

BY PATRICK J. MICHAELS: ‘Fasten your seat belts, for we may be about to witness the scientific-cat fight of our time.’

‘Our friends in the environmental movement should rightly be at Defcon Five. It appears that President-Elect Trump — in many ways just like his predecessor — is going to keep his environmental campaign promises, which means reversing eight years what many feel was an era of green overreach.’


Marc Morano of Climate Depot on Al Jazeera TV – December 8, 2016

Morano: ‘EPA pick Scott Pruitt is the absolute right man for the job. This is a good day for American workers.’

LA Times: ‘Did Al Gore get played? Engaging with Trump brings risk for the left’ – ‘Not since Ronald Reagan assumed office 36 years ago have they had to deal with a president-elect who is both so reviled by their core voters and masterful at using the television cameras to co-opt them — even in those cases where they arrive at his doorstep to school him on why he is wrong.’