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Pre-order ‘Climate Hustle’ on DVD & Blu-Ray

Pre-order Climate Hustle
on DVD & Blu-Ray!


Climate Hustle is now available to pre-order on DVD and Blu-Ray!

Audiences packed theaters across the U.S. for Climate Hustle’s one-night theater event.

Since then, CFACT has been deluged by people asking just one simple question: How can I get my own copy of the film?

Well now we have some good news!

Simply head on over to and pre-order your copy of Climate Hustle today. (Only for residents of U.S. as international sales are not available yet, but coming soon!)

CFACT’s climate-shattering film lays out the facts and asks the tough questions the global warming campaign doesn’t want any of us to think about. Unfortunately for these alarmists, people will soon be watching Climate Hustle in the comfort of their own homes. The conversation has only just begun!

Show Climate Hustle at your next club meeting, or maybe host a movie night party at home.

Theater audiences gasped, laughed along and applauded as Climate Hustle exposed the tricks of the global warming trade as no one has before.

When the film ended, people didn’t disperse and head home as they normally do. They broke up into small groups, right there in the theater aisles, and launched into discussion. Climate Hustle is a real conversation starter.

Climate Hustle DVDs and Blu-Rays are scheduled to ship in August. The first roll out will ship discs formatted for DVD region 1 and Blu-Ray region A/1. We’ll keep you posted when distribution plans for other countries are announced.

An opportunity to bring people together to debunk a propaganda campaign as massive as “climate change” is rare and special.

We all know people who have never encountered the unvarnished facts about the climate. Climate Hustle is the perfect gift for them.

In addition, school children throughout our communities are being indoctrinated with relentless climate alarmism. Why not ask a teacher to show Climate Hustle in class? It is packed with key information – and a whole lot more fun to watch than Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth!”

Facts beat propaganda, but only when they are heard. Here’s your chance to ensure they are by your friends, family and neighbors.

Pre-order Climate Hustle on Blu-Ray or DVD today!
For nature and people too,

Craig Rucker
Executive Director