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EPA ‘freak of a pervert’ employee impersonated an officer; paid $55,000 to resign

Testifying before Congress, EPA Inspector General Patrick Sullivan tells how EPA paid $55,000 to an employee to resign after being caught impersonating a police officer while also being a registered sex offender. He had previously been convicted of child molestation. Examining Employee Misconduct at EPA House Oversight and Government Reform Committee May 18, 2016

Warmists panic: ‘Trump’s Energy Adviser Is Dangerously Anti-Environment’ Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has elected a climate science denying, pro-oil and gas, anti-EPA congressman to head up his energy policy initiative. Fossil fuel advocate Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) has been dangerously portrayed as the lesser of two evils when held up against Trump’s staunch anti-climate change beliefs. In recent media reports, the […]

Flashback 2007: ClimateCam is watching you!

A huge electronic billboard in the city square telling residents exactly how much greenhouse gas they have produced in the past hour. Sounds a little futuristic? Not if you live in Newcastle. ClimateCam, the world’s first greenhouse gas speedometer, displays electricity consumption information collected from the 15 substations that supply homes and businesses in the […]