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Warmists panic: ‘Trump’s Energy Adviser Is Dangerously Anti-Environment’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has elected a climate science denying, pro-oil and gas, anti-EPA congressman to head up his energy policy initiative.

Fossil fuel advocate Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) has been dangerously portrayed as the lesser of two evils when held up against Trump’s staunch anti-climate change beliefs. In recent media reports, the North Dakota congressman is overwhelmingly referred to as a mere climate “skeptic,” and was credited with persuading the billionaire candidate to consider embracing carbon cuts and a working partnership between Congress and scientists.

Rep. Cramer has a long history of voting against environmental measures that would enforce stricter regulations on natural resource extraction and fossil fuel emissions. The congressman currently serves on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, and has been a leading voice in the opposition against President Barack Obama’s monumental climate change legislation, the Clean Power Plan.

In the last three years, Rep. Cramer has voted to pass 97 bills and amendments that the League of Conservation Voters considers “anti-environment” policies.