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WaPo: Gov’t Needs To Relocate Those Victimized By Global Warming

President Barack Obama’s FY 2017 federal budget repeals oil and gas revenue sharing payments and uses a portion of the money to relocate coastal Alaskan communities supposedly ravaged by “climate change,” prompting global warming alarmists to sing his praises.

The Washington Post’s environmental reporter, Chris Mooney, told his readers Tuesday the move to redirect money from a shuttered oil and gas revenue sharing program for relocating Kivalina, a small Alaskan village of about 400, is a good thing because it illustrates how serious the president is on the issue.

Nearly $400 million of a $2 billion Coastal Climate Resilience program in Obama’s budget is allocated to cover Alaskan communities supposedly scarred by global warming, including expenses accrued while relocating towns afflicted by coastal erosion, among other environmental calamities.

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