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Study: Parched Earth soaks up water, slowing sea level rise Miami (AFP) – As glaciers melt due to climate change, the increasingly hot and parched Earth is absorbing some of that water inland, slowing sea level rise, NASA experts said Thursday. Satellite measurements over the past decade show for the first time that the Earth’s continents have soaked up and stored an extra 3.2 […]

Bipartisan panel of politicos: Climate skepticism does not harm Republicans in general election Republicans, meanwhile, don’t believe that their candidates — the majority of whom don’t believe human activity is altering the climate — are jeopardizing their electability in the general by opposing changing public policy to address the perceived threats of climate change. More than 90 percent of Republicans — surveyed last month prior to the […]

WaPo: Gov’t Needs To Relocate Those Victimized By Global Warming President Barack Obama’s FY 2017 federal budget repeals oil and gas revenue sharing payments and uses a portion of the money to relocate coastal Alaskan communities supposedly ravaged by “climate change,” prompting global warming alarmists to sing his praises. The Washington Post’s environmental reporter, Chris Mooney, told his readers Tuesday the move to redirect money from […]

BBC: Climate change ‘to make transatlantic flights longer’ Flights from the UK to the US could take longer due to the changes in the climate, according to a new study. Global warming is likely to speed up the jet stream, say researchers, and slow down aeroplanes heading for the US. While eastbound flights from the US will be quicker, roundtrip journeys will […]

Obama’s NASA Budget Is All About Global Warming, Not Space The NASA budget President Barack Obama released Tuesday is far more concerned with spending cash on global warming research than supporting the agency’s mission of space exploration. The top scientific question the space agency claims it wants to answer in its budget justification is “How are Earth’s climate and the environment changing?” The more typical space questions, such […]

Aussie CSIRO boss Larry Marshall: Politics of climate ‘more like religion than science’ CSIRO chief Larry Marshall has apologised for describing the emotion of the climate debate as almost “more religion than science”. Key points:The CSIRO boss apologises for referencing religion in climate debateHe said he was referring to the ‘passionate zeal around the issue’Dr Marshall defended this CSIRO shake-up, despite international backlash Dr Marshall had told […]