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Witchcraft: ‘Scary weather is coming, it’s all our fault, be afraid!’ — This is the modus operandi of the ancient witchdoctor: ‘I can stop the storms — send us your tithe’

There they go again. Last night the ABC again used taxpayer dollars to post up a slick advertisement for their favourite religion. Because Catalyst won’t read skeptical blogs, interview skeptics, or ask difficult questions, they give a false impression to any poor viewers who haven’t figured out that the presenters (in this case, Anja Taylor) are more activist than investigator. “The gorilla in the kitchen remained invisible. Where was cause and effect?” The gorilla in the kitchen remained invisible. Where was cause and effect? The Earth has had extremes of every kind of weather for 4.5 billion years. What makes the current ones any different? Any cause of warming could melt ice, raise sea-levels, shift jet streams, change cloud cover and shift evaporation rates. How do we know this warming is due to coal fired power stations? We only “know” because some climate modelers say so — but they rely on models that assume relative humidity stays constant when it doesn’t, and which are proven “unskilled” at precipitation, cloud cover and upper tropospheric temperature profiles.  The models ignore lunar effects, solar magnetic effects and millions of observations so they can blame your SUV and air-conditioner for causing droughts, storms, […]Rating: 9.0/10 (5 votes cast)