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Poor in India to be denied energy due to climate fears?! ‘Electric grid will accelerate climate change in Sundarbans’– Warned electricity ‘will also accelerate the process of climate change’

‘Electric grid will accelerate climate change in Sundarbans’ Last Updated: Sunday, December 16, 2012, 13:58 The ongoing extension of the electric grid to the remote islands of Sundarbans will not only adversely affect the viability of existing renewable energy projects, but will also accelerate the process of climate change, experts say. “In view of the […]

No Long-Term Trend in Frequency, Strength of Landfalling Hurricanes — A new study by Jessica Weinkle (U of Colorado), Ryan Maue (Naval Research Lab), & Roger Pielke, Jr.

370 years of tropical cyclone data from the Lesser Antilles (the eastern Caribbean island chain that bisects the main development region for landfalling U.S. hurricanes) show no long-term trend in either power or frequency but a 50- to 70-year wave pattern associated with the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, a mode of natural climate variability

Another IPCC AR5 reviewer speaks out: no trend in global water vapor: ‘New global water vapor findings contradict 2nd draft of IPCC Assessment Report 5 (AR5)’

Climate modelers assume water vapor, the principle ghg, will increase with CO2, but the study shows this has not occurred. CO2 has continued to increase, but global water vapor has not’ ‘The first NVAP-M paper was published earlier this year (after the FOD reviews) and is definitely worthy of citation: Thomas H. Vonder Haar, Janice […]