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Another scare bites the dust! Global warming & insecticides DID NOT cause a Bee-pocalypse – Instead, there’s now a record number of bees!

Wait… you mean neither global warming nor neonicotinoid insecticide use has caused a bee-pocalypse? Instead, there’a record number of bees? We were lied to again? Shocking. BTW, I’ve been telling my followers that bee-pocalypse claims were BS since 2011.… — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) May 22, 2024

Trump pledges to scrap offshore wind projects on ‘day one’ of presidency Donald Trump has vowed to immediately halt offshore wind energy projects “on day one” of a new term as US president, in his most explicit threat yet to the industry and the latest in a series of promises to undo key aspects of the transition to cleaner energy. Trump repeated false accusations about wind projects as […]

There just might be 74 million reasons environmental charities ignore eagles & whales, & reject zero emission nuclear

There just might be 74 million reasons environmental charities ignore eagles and whales, and reject zero emission nuclear By Jo Nova Renewable billionaires would be crazy if they weren’t funding “Environmental Activists” Nick Cater points out one mysterious charity, the Sunrise Project Australia had a “revenue” of $73.8 million* dollars last year and we don’t know where that came […]

‘Spirit Whales’ (which ‘no-one believes exist’) hold up Australia’s most expensive energy project

“If the gas project was to go ahead, the Spirit Whales would be endangered. And if the Spirit Whales were killed, none of the creatures of the sea would know what do to. Short of Aqua Man stepping in to save the day, the planet would be sunk. How did the Federal Court know all of this? Raelene Cooper! Ms Cooper, or as her activist friends like to call her, the Custodian of Whale Dreaming, speaks to the Spirit Whales. And they speak to her. Seriously. This was in evidence presented to the Federal Court.”

‘Reckless’ federal owl slaughter: Government proposal to kill a half-million barred owls to protect the spotted owl sparks controversy By Clare Marie Schneider – NPR  A proposal by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to kill roughly half a million barred owls to protect the spotted owl has conservationists and animal welfare advocates debating the moral issue of killing one species to protect another. The proposal, published in November, garnered attention in recent […]

Whale of a lawsuit threatens to swallow up Biden green energy agenda – Lawsuit Asserts VA Virginia Offshore Wind project would threaten the North Atlantic right whale By Fred Lucas Fox News A federal lawsuit pits green energy against saving endangered whales, as three conservative groups are suing the Biden administration to stop what they say would be the largest wind energy project in the world. The Virginia Offshore Wind project could cause significant harm to the North Atlantic right whale, according to the 61-page complaint in […]

Lawsuit to stop Virginia Beach offshore wind farm claims project is a danger to whales Eliza Noe, The Virginian-Pilot Several groups have filed a lawsuit against federal entities to overturn the approval of a massive wind turbine project off the shore of Virginia Beach, claiming it is a hazard for endangered North Atlantic right whales. The lawsuit filed by The Heartland Institute, the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow and […]