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Coalition lawsuit demands regulators study offshore wind impacts on whales


CFACT is taking legal action to protect endangered Right Whales and other marine life from the Biden Administration’s rush to approve massive clusters of wind farms along Virginia’s shore.

Whales have been washing up on beaches off the East Coast at increased rates. At the same time, offshore wind installations have intruded heavily upon their habitat, unleashing a tremendous underwater din.

CFACT issued a press release, and news of our lawsuit has already been picked up by ReutersBloombergYahoo NewsThe HillNewsMax, and radio stations. It is continuing to snowball.

Do dense clusters of massive wind turbines in marine habitats pose a threat to marine mammals?

Our government “watchdogs” don’t want to know.  Ideologically blinkered bureaucrats are rushing approval of wind turbine construction and skipping the due diligence the law requires.

CFACT is partnering with The Heartland Institute and the National Legal and Policy Center to file a lawsuit that demands a halt to offshore wind construction until sound research is conducted and reliable answers are found.

Sadly, massive wind and solar installations are the product of a bizarre convergence of climate and anti-free market ideologies, mated with corporate interests seeking to cash in on government mandates and subsidies.

The so-called “Green” movement is fully behind this absurdity and appears willing to destroy nature, not to save it.

Even more absurd are the facts that reveal that converting fields and forests into solar deserts and clustering wind turbines on unspoiled hillsides and ocean shores are terrible ways to generate electricity.

Both wind and solar energy are intermittent, inefficient, incredibly expensive, resource intensive, require miles of transmission lines, are not recyclable, and carry tremendously heavy, dirty footprints.

Varying weather, sunshine, and wind speeds leave wind and solar power unreliable and the grid unstable.

With storing so-called renewable energy impractical and ruinously expensive, reliable energy generation from nuclear and hydrocarbons must be backed up 24/7.  Power plants cannot be switched on and off at a whim, so they end up being where your electricity actually comes from.

Europe already made this mistake, and Europeans’ ongoing reliance on nuclear, gas, and coal proves their folly.

Wind and solar take a heavy toll on our natural environment and are far more efficient at generating subsidies than power.

CFACT and our partners are demanding that the courts call a halt until the environmental harm from offshore wind turbines is understood.

A free, fair, and full understanding of what wind and solar mean for the economy and the environment is likely to conclude we should build no more of them.