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Bernie Sanders continues to rail against fossil fuels, insists all nations phase out reliance

Climate Depot founder Marc Morano, who criticized Sanders’ op-ed for piling on to the seemingly endless outcries of climate change. “Every day we wake up and find some new unelected bureaucrat is seeking to ban something to save the climate,” Morano said. “Every day we’re bombarded with unscientific claims of how the Earth is in some kind of unprecedented meltdown as every politician yammers on about the alleged ‘climate crisis’.”

“This is nothing more than a shakedown,” Morano told Just the News. “Sen. Sanders is proposing politicians and Attorney Generals have the ability to blame every bad weather event on fossil fuel companies and extort them for huge sums of money, which, then, the politicians can use to help get themselves reelected and fill the government coffers.”

“Make no mistake: Allowing Senator Sanders and Democrats to get huge checks from fossil fuel companies will not in any way change the weather or the climate, but it will make a lot of climate activists and bureaucrats richer,” he added.

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