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Newsweek exposé: Ex-EPA chief accepted skeptical climate books while in office A new scandal has erupted in Washington, according to Newsweek. Apparently, “while serving as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt was gifted multiple copies of ‘Global Warming for Dummies’ and a number of climate denial texts.” One of the books was “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change,” and author Marc Morano […]

Newsweek finds new DC scandal! Fmr. EPA Chief Pruitt ‘Was Gifted’ Copy of Morano’s ‘climate denial’ book – while Pruitt was EPA Administrator!

Newsweek April 11, 2019 excerpt: BY DANIEL MORITZ-RABSON hile serving as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt was gifted multiple copies of Global Warming for Dummies and a number of climate denial texts, according to information obtained by a transparency organization…. These gifts were disclosed following a request from public accountability advocacy group Citizens for Responsibility […]

MEDIA BIAS? FOIAS TO EPA FROM NYT AND WAPO EXPLODED AFTER TRUMP’S ELECTION By Chris White The number of public record requests to the Environmental Protection Agency from major media outlets exploded shortly after President Donald Trump was elected, The Free Beacon reported Wednesday. The New York Times made only 13 Freedom of Information Act requests during former President Barack Obama’s second term, the report notes, citing an […]

EPA Career Staffers Freaked When Pruitt Tried to Stage Climate Debate – Would ‘set back the cause of combating global warming by legitimizing politically motivated skeptics’ By Sam Stein, Tanya Basu Officials at the Environmental Protection Agency were privately aghast in early 2017 as their boss, former EPA chief Scott Pruitt, embraced hosting a public debate over the scientific premise of human-caused climate change. In private emails, top scientists and officials at EPA expressed serious concern that Pruitt’s gambit could […]

Former EPA official ‘Trump Admin. has done a good job of announcing various deregulatory changes, but have not been as effective in actually repealing regulations’

How Well Is EPA Actually Doing on Deregulation? By Alan Carlin There is little doubt that the Trump Environmental Protection Agency is trying to roll back a number of Obama’s environmental regulations. And there is also little doubt that many deserve to be partially or fully withdrawn because they are not improving the environment […]

Flashback: Analysis of EPA: Climate change ‘politicized the EPA’ – ‘EPA has (mostly) solved the most basic and widespread public health and environmental problems that plagued the U.S’

Via: By Amy Harder – Axios – July 31, 2017 Pruitt stands out as an outlier in EPA’s history for three reasons. Most past Republican presidents nominated EPA administrators who were more to the left on environmental issues than the Republican Party writ large. That’s not the case this time with Pruitt, a former attorney […]

Counter UN climate report: ‘3,000 pages, 10,000 footnotes say don’t blame mankind’ Excerpt: Extensive “Climate Change Reconsidered” series of reports to Pruitt, totaling more than 3,000 pages. A letter accompanying reports, which contain some 10,000 footnotes, explained the evidence could be used to respond to the judge’s demand. Heartland’s president, former congressman Tim Huelskamp, explained to Pruitt: “We have no doubt that PEER, with the assistance of […]

‘Brave new world’ as team Inhofe takes over at EPA

Via: It’s official: Alumni of the best-known climate skeptic in Congress are leading EPA. Former aides to Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) have helped shape President Trump’s energy policy agenda since even before he was elected. Many of them quickly landed top spots at EPA and in the White House, and Inhofe alumnus Ryan Jackson helped […]

EPA’s ‘Andrew Wheeler will not only continue Pruitt’s deregulation agenda, but will be much more effective at it’ by Jason Hopkins, Scott Pruitt’s departure leaves Andrew Wheeler as the acting administrator of the EPA for the foreseeable future, with much speculation as to how the former lobbyist and lawyer will run the agency. Wheeler, the current deputy administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, will now serve as acting administrator following President Donald Trump’s […]